Happy Tails! Here are our successful adoptions so far!
Will you be next?


Congrats to Karen and Ale on the adoption of one of our most photographic and loved rescues since we started back in 2017- our baby boy Banjo. Your warmed our hearts when we saw how happy you were to meet him, and we know he will have the happiest life with you.

*Thank you to Leah and Devan, who fostered Banjo for 3 months until he found his forever home*


And congrats Ira on foster-failing and adopting our baby faced Brandi! She will have years ahead of sitting with her Poppa, getting head scratches and rolling around in her warm, sunny backyard. We wish nothing but the best for you two! Happy Tails Brandi :)


Lola has gone home and congratulations go to...  ME, Nikki, the Owner of POPO Pitbulls. I  foster failed and have big enough balls to say yes to having three dogs. It wasn't our intention, but little Lola was so bonded and attached and had been so abused previously, we seriously couldn't give her up. She makes our family whole. Welcome home my black beauty. 


And congrats to Chantel on the adoption of the very cute and very snuggly MAX. This 7 year old, long-legged, chi mix is just as sweet as they come! I'm sure you, Max and all of his furry cousins and neighbors will have great walks together forever. Happy Tails Max!


Congrats to Mike on the adoption of our acid burn survivor and inspiration for a children's book, Bruno! This boy was found by a kind professor and author, Susan, who used her own teaching salary to board Bruno until finally finding POPO. After a few trials and errors, Bruno has finally landed in the happiest home imaginable. Happy tails Bruno & Mike!



Congrats to Amy on the adoption of our absolute doll, Dessy! We hope you two have a happy life together, fur-ever!


Congrats to Kristene & Zachary, on the adoption of our sweet and loving Sailor! We hope you have a happy life together, fur-ever!


Congrats to Kaleb on the adoption of our very first- and very special- Popop Pup! Clayton, renamed Cooper and now Kooper (Kaleb and Kooper, get it?) is so happy to finally have his forever home after such a long wait. We hope you two have a happy life together, fur-ever!


Congrats to Jay on the adoption of our foster favorite, Maui! As you can see, Maui is already settling right in with her new fur-sibling (and possible twin?) Rosie. We hope you three have a happy life together, fur-ever!


UPDATE: Unfortunately, Maui's wonderful adopter Jay has passed. Luckily, she has been adopted once again! Congrats to Maui and her new family!


Congrats to Ivan on the adoption of the beautiful Nala. When Nala's owner was evicted, Nala was relegated to boarding and was so sad. Well, not anymore! Her dog lovin' dad and beagle brother  are the new apples of her pretty eyes. Ivan says that Nala is queen of the house. Happy tails, Nala!


Congrats to Little Sophie, tiniest of the POPOP pups, who was found abandoned in a parking garage. This sweet girl is living her best life with her new family! Happy Tails Sophie!


Congrats to Little Layla! This sweet girl was found starving at 3 months old. We put her with her foster and they fell in love! Now Layla is on her way back to health with her new family. Happy Tails Layla!


Congrats to our boy Hammer! This boy was so beloved by his fosters, and they described him as ACTUALLY the most perfect dog. He is so happy to be with his new family! We hope Nicole and Stratis love him as much as we do! Happy Tails Hammer!


Congrats to our prettiest girl, Maui! This gorgeous girl has found a loving home once again. This time, she is with a wonderful family and has two human brothers to play with and love on. We are so happy this sweet girl finally has her happy ending. Happy tails, Maui!


Congrats to our golden-eyed boy, Anakin! This lovely boy has found a loving home, and with a veterinary student no less! He is going to have a wonderful (and healthy I bet!) life with her forever! Happy Tails, Anakin!


Congrats to our cutest baby, Jasper! This lovely boy has finally found a loving home. He is going to have a wonderful life with his new mom and dad forever! Happy Tails, Jasper!


Stevie, now going by Lady,  stole her foster's heart to become a delightful foster fail! She is going to have a wonderful life with her new family! Congrats Stevie!


Apple, our favorite chunky monkey, has gotten on a plane to the north of the country! She has a new family there who loves her and we couldn't be happier for our brave cross country flyer! She is a much loved manatee of a dog and we are so happy to see her in a good home. Have a great rest of your life, Apple Butter!


Tasha was adopted by her foster family! They fell in love with this gorgeous girl and we can't blame them! Happy tails sweet girl!


Twister was adopted by his foster family in a RECORD 2 days! They fell in love with this great boy almost immediately and who wouldn't? Look at that face! Those ears! Happy tails sweet boy!


This foster favorite girl was adopted by a wonderful family in the Bahamas! Ella is going to have a wonderful rest of her life as an island dog with her fur-brother and sisters. We are so happy this perfect pint-sized pup managed to find such a loving home and amazing family. Congrats to Marlana and family, and happy tails Ella Bella!


Poor Beau was rescued from the Broward shelter. He was struggling and needed out to show us all what a great dog he is. Beau is an athletic 1 year old who just wanted a chance! His new adopter met him and they fell in love immediately. Best of luck, Beau!


Poor Jaxson, this young boy was found starving and had a very hard start to life. Luckily he had a wonderful foster who got him healthy and a lovely foster sister! Now he is in his forever home with his older golden retriever sister and living his best life. Happy tails, Jaxson!


This absolute doll was saved from the Broward shelter's urgent list. Francis was with an amazing foster family who decided they couldn't be without him! Congrats, Francis and congrats to your new family! We hope you all are together, forever!


Our little girl Destiny was abandoned by her previous owner at the vet. We couldn't let that happen. A friendly pittie, Destiny has now found her forever home with her new dad Henry! He describes her as "the most perfect dog I can ask for." How sweet is that? We hope you two live happily together furever!


This dog is PERFECT you guys. And now Yogi (formerly Grover) has found his perfect home! An absolute calm mush faced boy, Yogi now has a new home with Frank. Congrats to you both!


Our sweet boy Ralph has a new home! Happy tails little boy!


Jax was a much loved family member who had to leave his home as his owner has medical issues and could no longer care for him. He is a sweet boy and we are so happy he has found a family to give him a second chance!


Shiloh found a wonderful new dad who will stay home with him all the time! A perfect fit for a friendly and attention loving boy. Happy tails, Shiloh!


Nala is a sweetheart who found herself unable to stay with her foster family, even though they loved her. Nala now has a new family, and she even has a new pittie brother! We hope you guys live happily forever!

In Memory ofRomeo

Not not all of you may know this, but ALL of POPOPs social media and marketing is donated by my friend Alexia. Alexia has been committed to the POPO Pitbull cause since our inception; so when she emailed me telling me that she had a huge dog-crush on a particularly adorable fur-baby, we had to her back. 

Sadly, cute little no-name (later named Romeo, since he stole all of our hearts) crossed the rainbow bridge in late December 2017. His injuries were just too much to overcome and he needed to be set free from his pain.